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We specialize in the connection between the experiences you design and the professionals who create & build them. We’re passionate about working with creative and technical people to help you make magic.

Every exceptional experience starts with a strong foundation, and our team of qualified professionals works hard to build every day.

Imagine all you can achieve because our focus is on your crew


Convention Centers

We understand the complexity and dynamic nature of the convention and trade show business.


Hotel meetings offer an intimate environment with high visibility. Trust our professionals to look and act the part.

Education Institutions

Education is at the cutting edge, and like education, our professionals stay up to date with the latest tech innovations.

Corporate Offices

Confidentiality and security is crucial at corporate offices. We work with clients to ensure security criteria are met prior to entering any secure location.

Cultural Centers

Extra care is a top priority of ours. However, we’re especially careful when working in historical buildings, museums, galleries, and cultural centers.

Government Facilities

We’re pros at getting our ducks in rows, especially when we work in government facilities.

Sports Venues

Our professionals are expected to be on time. No exceptions. Ensuring you never miss the action.

Entertainment Venues

Our professionals immerse themselves in both the technical and creative aspects of experiences.


A restaurants atmosphere needs to make sure its technology keeps running. We’re here to answer the emergency calls.

About us

Connecting the event technology and integrated experience economy with qualified professionals.

Our core values:

  • Challenge Ourselves Daily
  • Apply Honesty And Integrity To All We Do
  • Impact Local Economies & Communities
  • Believe In People

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